Testimonials 2020

"Cant believe I passed first time. It's a great feeling of independence and I can go out and get to mates, will be great for uni and Neil's a great instructor so thank you. "


"Right i feel absolutely over the moon. i'm really pleased to pass. it's so important to get the trailer training , it just teaches you to do all the manoeuvres and that,. it makes sure your safe on the road and obviously so i can do so much more for the company, which is great. Neil as an instructor is brilliant, absolutely brilliant, clear instructions helps me every step of the way when i started to waiver. couldn't recommend him enough. "


"I feel relieved. I wanted to tow my horse and yeah it's been really good. Neil really helped me with the reverse exercise, laying out the cones, explaining the situation and how you need to do it. Thank you. "


"Just passed my test. really happy as had to get it done for work. really pleased. (the training) was brilliant, the best a really enjoyable day. i found it good, really different, excellent teacher, enjoyed myself."


"I had to do the training because I am a recovery operative and I need it ti do RDT work. i am very happy passing first time and i am very happy with the training. The training went really well and thank you very much."


"I've done this test as it was part of my job, I should have done that. the training was really really useful for me thanks to Neil. i'm so happy and relieved now. thank you very much, much appreciated."


"i passed my test first time with only one fault. i was very happy with that! absolutely amazing i now have my independence and can now drive whenever and wherever thankfully.without my parents. Neil is a really good instructor funnily enough, he made sure I got everything perfect and yeah he was really good so thank you very much."


"Really happy to have passed. i need to do the training so I can go on caravans holidays with the kids. Neil was very patient, he went through everything and he made sure i was happy for anything before we moved onto the next things. Thank you."


"I just passed my driving test and i am so happy. it gives me the independence I need now and Neil has been an absolutely amazing instructor. he's been so patient with my nerves. Thank you."


"I'm really happy about passing my licence, so glad first time...I bought a caravan and only had a week to do the test so their was a lot of pressure on myself and on Neil. Well done Neil! The training brilliant.. I decided to concentrate on reversing because that is the manoeuvre you can be tricked into and fail, but perfect. If you want to join the course here (Links) you will see Neil maybe tricking you as well so you wont fall for a fail. Cheers. "


"Happy to have passed first time. I needed to do this course for work purposes so I could tow our mobile lab around. I needed to do the training as i hadn't really towed before so needed to do the whole day; it was really good so thank you.


"I'm so chuffed that I passed this test. I've never taken a UK driving test before either and I had to take a B+E test for work to transport big screens around, so this was absolutely necessary. I was so nervous , so relieved. I've had amazing training  from Neil and it helped so much and I dont think

I couldn't have done it without him. Thank you so much. 


"Right now feeling fantastic. the purpose of this towing course for me was to take the family on holiday with the caravan that we purchased. The training was hugely beneficial. I wouldn't have been able just to roll up today. Thank you to Links Driving School."


"I'm so happy i passed first time. and now I have my independence to go and see my friends. thank you so much to Neil for teaching me."


"I passed first time.  I needed the training to get my trailer licence for work, to carry on doing duties at work. The training was brilliant and Neil did a great job! Thank you very much."


"I feel amazing. i just passed my trailer test . I've done it so I can take my horses out to competitions. i did my full days training yesterday, really really helpful, just kept me calm , just awesome. Thank you so much. "


"Its been a long wait, bu t i feel good passing first time today. Neil was great and helped by pointing out things the examiners would be looking for. Thank you."


"I passed first time. Over the moon and thanks to Neil for all his hard work of getting me through my test today. Training wise was outstanding. i was a bag of nerves coming into it. He done so well to sort me out and get me through today. its been great. "


"Many thanks Neil it was truly a transformational day. I have gone from being very nervous with the trailer to being clear and understanding of what i need to do. I almost lost my confidence..but you brought it round brilliantly..also my driving has benefited from having an experienced traffic officer to my left"


"I needed this training to tow a caravan and a trailer for work purposes and obviously leisure. I contacted Neil, had good reviews and cant recommend him enough..  please that i passed today, so thank you very much."


"So I've come to Links driver training to get my B+E category. I found he training to be fantastic, gave me all the confidence in manoeuvres and I passed first time. Thank you very much Neil. "


"I'm elated to have passed my test first time. I wanted to take it as i have a horse and trailer that oi need to take round for competitions. The training was brilliant, got me really prepared and I feel fantastic."


"Relieved to have passed today with only one driver fault. training was good and got me well prepared for the test. Thank you very much."


" I'm so relieved that I passed first time, just because i need to go to University. and I need top get to drive. This is the only way I could have done it or some stupid train.. Neil was a great instructor and I'm very grateful for him. Thank you. "


" Relieved I pass. ZERO faults. Neil was a fantastic trainer and now looking forward to going away in my caravan. Thank you."


Zero Faults

" Just passed the towing certificate. I found the training extremely useful. Passed first time. The course throughout the half a day was brilliant. Yep really happy, needed it for work so all good thank you."


" Relieved that is over. You have to do some training to pass this. Without it i would not have passed first time. Thank you."


" I'm so happy I passed. I've been waiting for this and thank you Neil you are brilliant."


" I've just passed my trailer test . I needed my trailer test in order to tow my horse to shows. I couldn't have done it without the training. it was so helpful and now I feel so confident when i go into a car-park I will be able to reverse and not get stuck with a horse. So thankful. Thank you. "


" Feeling very excited, happy overwhelmed with the result. Needed to do it for work so I could tow a machine behind a van. I couldn't have had a better trainer to teach me all the right ways and anything i was doing wrong, correcting me and couldn't have done it without you.  "


" I have just passed my B+E driving test. First time thanks to Neil's excellent training and coaching this morning. Certainly helped me out ironing out a few bad habits. Looking to buy a caravan somewhere in the near future, so thanks to Neil. "


" feel great and passed first time with zero faults. Needed this for work and home purposes. Neil gave me lots of good tips which helped me to pass this, so thank you very much."


Zero Faults

"Thanks very much, passed first time. The training was good. make sure you do the training as you do need it. Links driving school were brilliant, thanks very much"


" I passed my test first time. I needed the trailer for my job. I needed the training desperately. Thank you very much passed first time thank you... you taught me a lot about the reversing and to be very observant..which I needed help.  "


" My first pass on the trailer test. I got coached by Neil, a very good driving instructor. Felt very comfortable with him, very professional easy to work with a passed first time. Thanks very much Neil "


" I needed this for towing a horsebox and towing my cars around. The training was brilliant and I didn't pass with flying colours but I passed and it was down to the training. Thank you, and I passed first time."


"Had a fantastic morning with the test , all went very smoothly. I need the trailer to tow cars around the country...the training I had was excellent, couldn't recommend them more. Thanks. "


"Feeling great. Just passed my B+E examination. I needed the examination pass so I can take my family on holiday with the caravan. Neil has been superb and taught me everything i need to know, all the pointers...lots of training, lots of prompting exactly what I needed in order to pass the test."


"I did my B+E licence today so that I could tow our family caravan on holiday. neil was absolutely brilliant and a fantastic pass first time. Thank you."


"I did my B+E test this morning and passed first time. i needed the licence for work and had no experience of using trailers before the course. Neil really helped me to understand the requirements of the test and gave me great tips in the areas examiners would be watching. Thank you."


"I needed my trailer licence for my catering trailer. i come to see Neil for one of his courses. He was great, perfect, passed first time, very happy with that..highly recommended."


"I passed the test, I was so pleased because I failed it the first time because I did something really stupid. I needed to get the test done so I can pull the caravan on  my own and go on girlie weekends away. I've done it. (Neil) was very good, very thorough . He taught me all the things I needed to learn and made me remember what I needed to do."" 


"Just passed my B+E trailer licence first time. Feeling rather ecstatic actually. Like to say a big thanks to Neil for helping me get me through that. a new business venture requires me to have a topwing licence, now its done I  can relax, happy days. Thank you Neil"" 


"Today I passed my test first time thanks to Neil, so I can now tow heavier trailers with my new B+E licence. I passed first time and the training was absolutely brilliant. I wouldn't have been able to pass it without the training." 


"So relieved to have passed today. It is not as easy as you think. Neil was great though, pointing out things the examiners would be looking for. now I can tow my horses around to shows. Thank you so much."


" I needed to do the trailer training for work purposes. Never drove a trailer since today. Brilliant training and got the p[ass first time so really pleased. Thanks Neil "


" So today I passed first time which is fantastic. I've done my course with Neil over the last week for my company for me to be able to drive my food truck for my business. The training has been fantastic, clear as daylight, and extremely happy with todays result. Thank you Neil and thank you very much."


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