Testimonials 2020

"Cant believe I passed first time. It's a great feeling of independence and I can go out and get to mates, will be great for uni and Neil's a great instructor so thank you. "


"Right i feel absolutely over the moon. i'm really pleased to pass. it's so important to get the trailer training , it just teaches you to do all the manoeuvres and that,. it makes sure your safe on the road and obviously so i can do so much more for the company, which is great. Neil as an instructor is brilliant, absolutely brilliant, clear instructions helps me every step of the way when i started to waiver. couldn't recommend him enough. "


"I feel relieved. I wanted to tow my horse and yeah it's been really good. Neil really helped me with the reverse exercise, laying out the cones, explaining the situation and how you need to do it. Thank you. "


"Just passed my test. really happy as had to get it done for work. really pleased. (the training) was brilliant, the best a really enjoyable day. i found it good, really different, excellent teacher, enjoyed myself."


"I had to do the training because I am a recovery operative and I need it ti do RDT work. i am very happy passing first time and i am very happy with the training. The training went really well and thank you very much."


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