Testimonials 2018

"I'm so happy that I passed first time. I thought the training course was excellent  and I couldn't of asked for more help. This is going to help me progress within my company and get me  further on in life. Thank  you."

Chris W

"Well as you can see I passed second time and it's absolutely brilliant, it's such a relief ..obviously the line of work i'm going into to it will be much more easy to get around . It just feels absolutely brilliant  to have passed as I have been trying for so long. It's been great and Neil's been a really really  great teacher he has made me feel calm and under control of the vehicle..it all paid off in the end. Thank you very much "

Alex D

"I'm relieved in passing this test and extremely happy, it means alot to me. As a driving instructor (Neil) I've have had three now and he's probably the best one I've had..he makes you feel calm when driving ..and he goes beyond just passing the test and I feel i can drive independently and safe as well."

Nathan H

"Very happy, yeah cant put it into words . Just passed my test one minor its brilliant. It means I can go and get a job i got more freedom to drive around its brilliant. I cant thank Neil enough, he's been superb. Brilliant thank you very much"

Joe R

200th test pass

"I passed first time after training with Neil  at Links Driving. Really proud of myself, much less time out of the business  and now I can carry on towing. Thanks."

Ed D

"I'm very very happy that i have passed first time. I means i can drive a truck and trailer legally and without any worries and It means i can now crack on with the rest of my work. I have found the training proper and very good . Although I have been driving for 20 years and been using a trailer you need to have the training input and Neil really does cover all the bases. Cannot thank him enough."

Steve R

"Passed first time. Great achievement towards my new job helping in the family business, hopefully this will help for me. The training  with Neil was fantastic, learnt everything i could and was grateful for it. Thank you ."

Ryan N

"I feel very good about passing. The training was really good  and yeah the whole experience was very good. Thank you."

Kieron N

"I'm overjoyed to have passed my test. It means alot to me as I have put alot of hard work in and I've found Neil and my learning experience very enjoyable"

Jamie B

"I feel absolutely and genuinely delighted that I have passed first time.It means alot especially as I was going to get stick at work  if I didn't pass.It means alot more freedom at work using the trailer and is good for my CV. The training was first class and Neil helped through my nerves and I cannot thank him enough. Yeah thank you."

James R

"Passed my test today first time , very happy. Very good training. It means now I can now get out, i can do more parts of work and get away with my caravan. Really glad that I've done this. Thanks alot to GT Towing and driving instructor at Links. Thank you"

Adam S

"Happy to have passed. It means I can go out with my friends and get to work easier. The training was good. Thanks"

Adam W

"I feel amazing and overwhelmed. I am excited to be able to get out on the road, to be able to get my mum out and be able to live the life I want to live with the freedom I now have. I have had the best teacher and Neil has taught me  step by step to make me feel comfortable and confident and not just about getting me through my driving test. I am really grateful. Thank you"

Caitlin P

"So happy to pass my driving test first time. I'm so happy I can out with my friends and drive by myself. I cannot thank Neil enough for all the help and support he has given me.He's been amazing and I honestly recommend him to anyone. It was an absolutely incredible experience. Thank you very much. "

Aleesha L

"I've just passed my trailer training test and I feel really good as I can take my horses out on my own.I found the training quite difficult at times, but when you pass its quite rewarding. Neil was really good, really patient and really informative. I do this training as it is a legal requirement. Thank you Neil."

Sarah Louise S

"I'm so happy  I've passed my driving test. Its taken alot of hard work but with Neil's patience and confidence in me I've done it. It means everything to me and I can start looking for jobs that I want now and I'm just so excited and so happy. Thank you Neil"

Jasmine H

"I feel quite good having passed my test first time. I was a little bit nervous but it went alright. I can apply for different things now and to the police  and go out on the road by myself. Neil taught me everything I need to know starting from the basics to more complex things. Thank you. "

Luke K

"At the start of the exam i was a little bit nervous but it started to get a bit better and wow. It's all down to Neil who continually helped me out, and with his nagging which I needed it has all paid off. Thank you."

Thanayawuth F

"So relieved to have passed first time so a big thank you to Neil. It means I can just go round wherever I want to now really with permission of my parents. Relieved I only got 3 minor faults so hats off to Neil. Thank you very much."

Josh M

"Okay I feel absolutely amazing , passed first time . All the thanks goes to Neil whose lessons, his teaching, absolutely everything; didn't think I'd pass first time, didn't think I could it, but Neil gave me the confidence the guidance and everything I needed to know. I'm more than happy , it means everything to me so I can now go out driving  do what I want to do by myself."

Ailish W

"Feel terrific and had a great instructor. Passed first time with the trailer today and will help me within my company and daily work. You definitely need to do the training although it is very intense. Neil was great and gave me all the information and guidance i needed for the test. Really happy. "

Michael A

"I am relieved and can breathe. I don't need to worry about towing in the same way as before and I can now use a heavier car.The training has been very good and thorough. You might get away with practising the reversing and watching videos for the coupling but you do need the input for tips on the driving aspect and what the examiners are looking for. Thank you "

Julia R

"Passed first time B+E.  Thanks to Neil for his good training. Happy  can use the trailer now to take my car about and whatever else I need., so yeah really happy so thanks to Neil"

Andrew B

"Really happy to pass first time. Means alot to me cos  do more stuff with work now  and my boss will be happy. Couldn't have done it without Neil. Great training, one minor, really happy cheers."

James F

"Yep I've obviously passed first time and i'm over the moon about it. I found the training to be brilliant to be honest, sort of spot hard getting the reversing right but I got there in the end and i couldn't be happier having passed first time thank you."

Ian B

"I just want to say thank you to Neil for the training he has given me. Its been amazing. He's kind, caring, forgiving despite the fact I've had a few hiccups along the way with my theory test. The car is flawless and it feels amazing to manage to have passed first time and i wouldn't have been able to do it without Neil. Thank you."

Josh D

"I'm happy I have passed my trailer driving test. I can't thank you enough for all the training you put me through. It was very helpful ,very detailed and it will benefit me in my work cos we do load testing  and we have to have trailers with load banks on them so thank you for all your help."

Tom M

"Obviously really please I have just passed the B&E training. It now means I can now tow a caravan and also my track car. The training was excellent and really professional  and I would highly recommend Neil to anyone else wanting to do their B&E. Thank you."

Paul L

"Really happy as I never thought I'd pass when I started and here I am ,passed first time so I'm over the moon. It gives me freedom now to go around and not rely on my parents ,and I cannot wait to get out on my own and visit different places. The training was brilliant and Neil gave me the opportunity to be independent and for me to work things out as I went along, but he gave me the right guidance when I needed it. Thank you"

Lauren L

" So I've just passed my test first time with no faults so I'm very happy. It means I can now drive , get my own car and have more freedom. I think the process for me was quite a long process but Neil was very helpful and I looked at techniques that would help me particularly as an individual to get this far. Thank you."

Luke C    ZERO faults

"I feel excellent as i pass test first. Very very pleased. It mean alot. Trust. and i think i take more tests. People need to train as even yourself if you use you do not know small points and you are going to miss alot. You point out finer details for my passing the test. Thank you"

Filip S.

"Very happy to pass my B+E driving test today. It's been quite a journey but Neil has been great and helped me out with a lot of good advice on the training, very clear and concise, what you need to get through the test. Thank you very much Neil."

Ben M.

"Over the moon. Just got my B+E test . It means we can have a bigger caravan for me and my family so we can go away. Found the test really easy, Neil was a great help and helped me get the bits that I kept messing up on, so yep pretty good." 

Adam W.

"Just passed my  B+E first time, with great help and support from Neil. I just wanna say it makes me feel ecstatic. It gives me more opportunities for a job and yeah I just feel great. Thank you. " 

Brogan H.

" I'm over the moon I've passed second time round, but now this means it is going to make my life alot easier at work. I can now transport livestock around work as I have been relying on other people to do this over the last two years. The training was great and Neil was brilliant , very informative and very encouraging. I had his voice in my head going round with all the things I should be focusing on, so I took him round the test with me. Thank you" 

Lauren Y.

"Yeah so happy. Is amazing it is going to mean everything, home  and work . The training was amazing especially having the hour this morning to practise the reversing before we came here. You need to do the training  as Neil points out all the things the examiners are looking for, all the little fine details that you could miss or catch you out. I am so happy. Thanks" 

Emma S.

" So i passed first time. I want to say thank you to Neil because its been a long process and he's been patient with me and sometimes i wanted to give up but I didn't and now I've only got one fault and i just want to say thanks." 

Chloe M

" Delighted to have passed. Thanks to Links training and the videos and today's full course was brilliant. Relieved to have passed and looking forward to many years of towing legally and carefully. Thanks" 

Brian S.

"Thank you so much. I am so happy to have now passed my test. It is going to make life easier at work and helping out customers. The training was brilliant and you do have to have this training. Neil explains all the finer points which the examiners are looking for especially with the reversing and uncoupling parts. So pleased. " 

Sam T.

"I am really happy that I passed my B+E driving test first time with Neil from Links Driving School. Really great job teaching me how to do it in the morning and i definitely recommend him" 

Charlie S.

"I feel great as I am so relieved. The training was great and prepared me really well for this test. I can now tow my horse so I would definitely recommend Neil to anyone wishing this training. Thank you" 

Sharon W.

"I feel very very happy as I've just passed my test first time. I found the training very informative, consistent and I really enjoyed it. You need to do the training as you get into bad habits when driving and I did this to keep legal on the road and to be able to tow a caravan and my horsebox. Thank you Neil" 

Claire C.

"Yeah i'm so happy I passed. I couldn't believe it. The training was amazing. Only a few hours and i'd never driven a trailer before and I passed first time without fail..two minors. Thank you" 

Antony B.

"I feel relieved, shocked to pass first  time as I thought towards the end of the test  that I'd messed up badly, but I only got 4 faults. I now have the freedom to do what I want to do without relying on others. Neil was a calming influence on me, he gets in your head alot which helps, and has taught me to drive safely and happily." 

Erin S.

"I feel very happy passing first time and i'm so relieved it is over and went well  I only got one driver fault as well. Neil has taught me to be safe on the roads and to be confident in myself and in my own driving ability. I now have my freedom so I can drive around by myself. So happy.

Corrine R.

"I feel really good so thank you very much Neil. I passed my test with only one driver fault which is amazing and means I do not have to retake my theory test. Everything is so much easier now and i feel confident take the car out by myself and I have freedom. Neil was very patient with me and I felt I learnt a lot faster with you than my other instructor. I definitely feel safe out on the roads. Thank you very much." 

Tayler S.

"Really happy I passed first time thanks to Neil and his training, it was brilliant. Couldn't have done it without him. This means alot to me. It means i can move up in the company i work for. Yeah couldn't have asked for a better tutor. Thank you very much."

Jim B.

"Passed first time . Over the moon, brilliant glad I managed to get it done. Go back to work and the instructor was brilliant, got me through it, got rid of all my bad habits, so yeah thank you."

Daniel A.

"I feel very relieved that I passed . It gives me the freedom and independence now I can drive and I can recommend Neil... as hes been a great instructor." 

Jack E.

"I feel very relieved  that I passed first time and it was a nerve racking thing for me. It means I can drive around and not have to rely on lifts from my mum and dad. The training I got from Neil was amazing and I was really a nervous driver and he really boosted my confidence  so it really feels great. Thank you" 

Georgina T.

"Just done my B+E. Thanks to Neil. Really happy I just passed first time. The training was really good and covered everything I needed to know. I done a 5 hour tuition; literally told me everything I needed to know and covered everything.... i need it for my business so I can tow commercial vehicles at the back and I just want to say a big thanks to Neil for getting me passed." 

Daniel T.

"I just pass my B+E trailer test first time so I can tow mobile equipment for work. Just like to thank Neil for all his work today to get me through it." 

Daniel R.

"I feel great I feel like i'm now independent, can actually do things on my own. My driving instructor, a great guy, helped me alot even though I did fail once. He helped me to cover all my flaws and I would definitely recommend him to anyone else. " 

Jack T.

"I am happy to pass first time.  Hard to believe as I had no experience of using trailers until I met Neil and did the training. It will help at work so they should be happy. The training was calm and at my pace and I cannot thank Neil enough. Thank you." 

Sean S.

"I feel absolutely over the moon to have passed today as i'm sure Neil can attest i am sure I was so nervous especially when I first started , but I finally passed after many years and its all thanks to Neil" 

Jennifer B. 250th test pass

"I feel fine and its nice to pass first time. Pleased as I can now transport my horse around. The training was very good and you do not realise how many bad habits you have until you do the drive on the road training. You cannot do this test without any input as Neil points out the things examiners are looking for.  Very happy." 

Danielle T.

"I needed to do my practical B+E so I could tow for work. Its been a fantastic course. Neil is a great instructor and cannot recommend anymore and would like to thank all the team at Links Driving School. Thank you very much. I passed first time" 

William K

"I pass my test first time so I am happy. I did this test to help me at my work. Neil gave me all the skills that I would need to pass my test and I cannot thank him enough. " 

Petre I.

"I pass this test and I hope in the future its gonna let me to take further courses into the lorries or something. But now thanks to my instructor i made it . Thank you very much; I have my B+E licence. " 

Griedus L.

"I just passed my B+E driver training. Thanks so much to Neil, no faults on my sheet whatsoever. Come in very nervous this morning, use to pull a trailer about 3 years ago so worried about any bad habits i picked up. Neil was very quick at correcting the bits i needed to improve on and just been out and come back without a single fault , cant thank you enough. " 

Ryan C.   ZERO faults

"I feel happy as I have just passed my test.  My nerves got to me during the test but I got through it thankfully. I now have my independence to go out and drive and Neil was very helpful during the lessons and he has taught my so much. Thank you. " 

Holly P.

"I just passed my trailer test. I wanted to do this so I can tow horses and go to competitions, and also part of my work. I found the training exceptionally useful. I was completely prepared for what was going to happen on the day. In addition the videos on the website for top up and practise were absolutely brilliant. There were no surprises and I felt fully prepared and I'm really thankful to Neil that I passed." 

Amanda S.

"I feel amazing cos I have passed my trailer test first time. I wanted to do this test for work purposes and my own personal life as I have some horses that I like to take around. I found the training to be very good . Their was certain stuff that you had to do in a specific order, which I was unaware of prior to the training. Thank you very much." 

Sam D.

"I found the training really easy today and Neil explained it very very easy. I've done the towing course for my job so I can start earning some money and get out there. Thank you Neil" 

James B.

"I just done the trailer test with Neil and i had to do it for work and the training was really informative and very very helpful. Passed first time so really over the moon. Thanks alot.

Wayne S.

"I'm really relieved that that is over. It was nerve racking but I still passed first time with practising and a good teacher. I needed the B+E for towing the horses, my job and my hobby. You absolutely need the training as their is more than you think there is and it helps to get you going in the right direction. Thank you."

Erin M.

"It feels  really good I passed first time with no faults. All thanks to Neil; it's been really good training, clear and nice and precise and got it done in 5 hours. The reason I wanted the test was so i can deliver supercars for the business i am working for." 

Ben S.

ZERO faults

"I've just passed my B+E practical test. It was 8 hours of intensity today but it was fantastic training. I needed to pass the test today as it was a requirement of work and also we had another member of staff who flew through the test on Tuesday , so I was extra motivated to get it done first time....Neil was brilliant and calmed me down when I got too nervous, made sure I was confident going into the test, no stone was unturned and I am delighted I passed my test first time. Thank you. " 

Matthew B.

"I feel good as I passed my test first time so really happy. The training was helpful; helped alot. I didn't have much idea of what I had to do before I came here or what was involved, and Neil has helped me passed my test.  I did need to do the training as I use them for work and going in and out of London."

Ryan P.

"I feel glad for passing. The training I had was really good and obviously going to have to do for work so its going to make work alot easier now, so thanks for giving us the training and glad I passed thank you. I did pass first time so thank you very much " 

Simon L.

"I'm feeling ecstatic at the moment as I have just passed my trailer test first time. I needed to pass for working purposes and driving bigger trailers and loads on public roads. I found the training nerve racking but i needed it and wouldn't have passed without the help of Neil., so thank you very much for your guidance and help. " 

Patrick B.

"So I passed first time. It means alot because it means I can go out and do all the jobs i need to get done so I am very happy. The experience with Neil has been good and can highly recommend him as he teaches you how to drive for life instead of the test so its very beneficial so good yeah." 

Ben H

"Just want to say thanks to Neil for passing my practical first time. I done this because I wanted to drive my caravan around the country; I found the training excellent, very thorough, very detailed , and yeah, again thanks. " 

Tom P.

"So I've just passed first time with 3 minors. I'm so happy. It means I can just go out whenever I want and I do not have to rely on m um or dad anymore. Its a huge great thanks to Neil as he was so good and It was just down to him that I passed first time. The training I found so calm and easy to just learn and it was great. " 

Lily T.

"Done it. Feel great, feel really really good. You helped us out alot Neil, cheers thanks for that. Got it so I can take the horses out , she'll be happy with me now hopefully I get a good dinner at the end of the day, cheers thank you " 

Ben M.

"I feel so amazing to have passed first time. I want to thank Neil Emmerson of Links Driving School for being the most fantastic teacher, pulling at every corner of any reasonable doubt that I had . Thank you. " 

Johnny D.

"I feel so happy thank you Neil. I work hard to do driving. i now have freedom. Neil is good as he pushed me. Thank you Neil " 

Pae L.

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