Testimonials 2019

"So i feel great. I did it so I could  get out and about with my horse on my own and be independent. I's just fantastic and the training was the route to me passing. Thank you very much Neil."


"I feel great passed today.Training was brilliant and Neil is really helping to pass. Why did I need to do the training...trust me nobody driving even like me driving for years, theirs no chance your gonna pass because you will not know those small little things which will stop you from passing. Thank you."


"I passed first time and it was down to you and your training. There is no way you can do this test without the training beforehand. It 's all the little things and bad habits you have which would fail the test.thank you "


"Passed first time. Definitely needed the training. Neil was a great help and wouldn't have done it without Neil to be honest. So much more involved than I thought it was before I went for the training. I need it for work really as I tow machines around nearly every other day and be legal about it. Great, over the moon. "


"Cant believe I just passed. Want to thank Neil for the training , really helped me work on my weaknesses . I really needed the licence to help me with my career and like I said thank you "


"I'm happy as I finally passed my towing test after two tries. It's going to be handy to tow trailers and it is always handy to have it on your licence. The training was very useful , very effective  in the short amount of period of time. Would highly recommend Neil."


"I've just passed my B+E trailer test . I need it for work because i tow machinery around and I've also got a car that I tow around so Neil was very very good at Links Driving. He helped me through tuition and made me very very confident. I would just like to say a big thanks to Neil."


"I feel ecstatic, over the moon and just passed for work reasons and passed my B+E . Yeah i'm over the moon words cant explain. The training was excellent . Took me all the way through what I needed to do. I couldn't have ask for a better instructor. Thank you very much."


"I needed to take this exam to be independent to travel to venues to compete in dressage for horses as I was really reliant on my other half  currently taking me places......I came to Neil and we were learning yesterday and we had the test today and it was quite hard for me as i did not do my driving licence in the UK ....but Neil basically in one day turned me into a proper" UK driver and I passed my test...and I am thankful to Neil for an amazing day and amazing experience. Thank you so much."


"I feel fantastic cos I passed my driving test first time. I had so many doubts and wasn't 100% sure that I was going to pass or not. This means one less thing to worry about and I can now commute to Uni next year. Neil was fantastic with me. At the start of learning I kept hyper ventilating but he managed to calm me down and put me at ease which most people struggle to do with me, and now I have passed my test. Thank you so much."


"I'm happy that I've just passed my trailer test for the first time. The course was very good. Neil trained me really well to improve my career, basically with this trailer licence...the course was intense, very good and I enjoyed it and I am happy that I passed and yeah Neil thank you for training me up. Thank you very much."


"I'm very happy to have passed first time.Neil was a great instructor and the course was very intense, but I'm glad that its going to better my career for the future. Thank you Neil"


"Training was very helpful and if it wasn't for Neil theirs no way i'd have done it.....I'd got no chance of learning how to reverse it. It's an actual driving test its not just a muck about reversing the trailer . You have to actually be on the ball and pay attention, take your time and get it right."


" This is my Band E trailer test that I passed today. I'm very happy that I passed it ..it was very very intense and i'd advise it to pass it first time cos you don't want to do it again! Thank you Neil for training me. Thank you very much."


" I feel great  and finally passed which means independence for me. I can go to school on time and not be late and the advice that Neil gave was  very good and it helped me pass.Thank you."


" I passed my trailer test and its all thanks to Neil and his teaching. Without Neil you just wouldn't be able to comprehend all the stuff you gotta know, and all the exact order. It wasn't just how to reverse, it was on the road and about everything you have to do to be able to tow a trailer safely and how it should be done right...... the teaching was amazing and couldn't fault it and it was a really great time having Neil as my instructor, thank you very much."


" I passed my test today. I needed to do the test to transport my race car from A to B. The test went really well and passed first time. Thanks to the instruction really built my confidence as I was having some issues when we first started and they were all ironed out in time so went really well, so thank you very much."


" I'm so excited and happy today I passed my driving test first time with a trailer....I can now be able to drive my trailer with my boat on it .... i really appreciate and thank Mr Neil so much for giving me the opportunity to pass it first time test... Thank you Mr Neil. "


"I feel amazing as I have passed my driving test first time with only two minors. I've got my freedom now to go out whenever I want . Neil was a very good instructor as I clicked onto things very easy due to his teaching. Neil really has taught me about safe driving and I am so happy. Thank you."


"Feeling very relieved as I just passed my B+E driving test. What I would say is anybody thinking of towing a vehicle is do the training, don't under estimate how much training  your going to need to pass this test. Neil's been absolutely brilliant with only a few hours training but I probably would have needed more .... really pleased I passed thank you to Neil"


" Feel amazing. After passing now i can actually be free on the roads. Training was amazing. .. probably if I had another instructor it would have taken longer.. taught me how to drive more than just how to drive in a test  but how to actually drive out on the roads properly."


" I feel amazing that I passed as I doubted myself so much and I passed first time to. It gives me so much freedom now. I can take my sister to places now and I have horses to deal with and can visit my parents without having to rely on them all the time. Neil has taught me to be safe and aware on the road and to concentrate all the time, which I had difficulty with at times. I cannot thank him enough. So happy. "


" Really buzzing just passed my towing licence. first time. Now I will be able to tow machinery at work all the time. Thanks to Neil for a great trainer, recommend him any day of the week. Cheers."


" Really happy I just  passed my driving test first time with only two faults and I'm really excited I now have freedom to drive and met my friends, and  really thankful for Neil for being a great driving instructor. Thank you."


" That was great just passed my trailer test B+E first time. The training with Links excellent and very easy to do. In my opinion you probably couldn't do this without the training. Theirs alot more to it than just turning up and having a go. If you want to pass first time if you want to pass at all get the proper training. Thanks."


" I'm feeling awesome as I have just passed my test and had an awesome instructor. I need the training and test so I could tow my horse. You need to do the training and people should not be driving with a trailer without some input. Neil taught me things that I was not aware of and around the safety of using the trailer. It sis also the finer points that examiners are looking for, so I cannot thank him enough."


" Really really pleased to have passed my driving test first with only 3 minors. It's given me so much more freedom and alot more confidence now and I thoroughly recommend Neil for teaching me  not just how to pass a driving test but to be ready out on the road."


" I feel amazing as I have passed my test first time and with only two driver faults. I needed the training for my work. Neil was extremely helpful telling me when I was doing things wrong and explaining things in a simple way that you could understand. To do this test you must do some training as It is not as straight forward as it may seem. Thanks again."


" Passed my driving test today first time. Brilliant day, really relaxed and the training was brilliant. So pleased to pass and now I can tow my caravan. Thank you very much."


" I feel happy cos I passed first time. I have more opportunity to help out with driving myself places and more freedom. Neil was really good as he was really helpful and taught me to drive safely."


" I feel excellent as I have passed my towing test now.  I found the experience stressful at times but enjoyable. The training was exceptionally good and it taught me how to drive again to be honest. up to a good standard. I needed to take this test as it was required for work purposes. Thank you."


" I think anyone taking this test should take at least a whole day training, and I find it very very important for anyone to do there is too much information to get in just two or three hours time. Thank you so much Neil. I feel great, I cant describe it but I feel great. I need to do the training to pass the test and for my own purpose. "


" Thank you very much to Neil . I passed my B&E trailer driving licence for my TP and events business, which I can now do. I found the training fantastic. I had a couple of problems at the start, but they were ironed out fantastically just through practise and Neil's patience. I definitely recommend him...  "


" I feel great that I passed first time not like my brother who passed third time. It's going to give me the freedom to drive myself around instead of asking my mum and dad to take me places and I cant thank Neil enough for teaching me to drive. Thank you. "


" Neil's kept me really calm  and helped me pass my test first time, which I'm really pleased about  because it will give me the freedom to drive around and not have to rely on my parents to give me lifts everywhere and drive to work by myself. The lessons have been amazing. He's challenged me to push myself and helped me stay calm and be really supportive. through this whole experience. Thank you. Neil "


" I feel good as I passed first time. A lot of people said I would not pass first time, but I now have my freedom and not have to  rely on parents to get me around especially as we are moving house this week. Neil always made me aware of speed, mirror watching, staying safe and remaining calm. So happy."


" Feel really ecstatic about passing first time . Definitely needed the training, needed it to tow my track car to track days, all legal and above board and yeah will recommend Links Driving School."


" Feel really ecstatic about passing first time . Definitely needed the training, needed it to tow my track car to track days, all legal and above board and yeah will recommend Links Driving School."


" I feel alright and happy. The test was alright  and I needed this pass to better myself at work and get a trailer licence. The training was good and you taught me what I needed to learn. You could wing this test if you are lucky, but you really pointed out the finer points that the examiners would being looking for and therefore made it easier for me."


" I feel extremely happy. I've been driving for along time and been waiting to take my test and I finally have and I passed first time. I can get a car and go wherever I want and get to like work and school without having to get lifts off my mum. Honestly probably the best instructor I could have had even though I only had you for about 5 lessons. You have improved my driving drastically and you've made me feel alot more confident with how I drive and It was really nice to have you as an instructor."


" I feel over the moon as it has taken 4 attempts to pass this. I cannot thank Neil enough for his patience and hard work. I needed this for work fto tow ride on machinery and was part of my  job description. Neil picked out my bad habits and helped me greatly with the reversing aspect of the training. Relieved."


"I'm so happy that I passed thanks to Neil. He's really helped me and made me a safe driver and I'm really glad that I passed first time."


" Just passed my towing licence . I was a little bit nervous today but with help and tuition from Neil it made it a hell of a lot easier.It means alot to me today and I would like to thank Neil personally. Its a great deal."


" I feel elated that I passed my BE training today. I require the trailer for work purposes and the training prior to the test was excellent." Thank you."


" I feel really ecstatic about passing first time, especially in the test a couple of moments I thought .. when he closed the book on me but really good. I've taken this test because my wife owns a horse and she needs it for a back up driver...I've done a bit of experience reversing in private roads etc but never been able to drive publicly. . I found the tutoring really really helpful , invaluable even ..it's knowing what , what you cant do , what to look out for to do the test...thank you."


"I just passed my driving test and I am very happy. This now means I've got alot of freedom as i live in a rural area and I felt that the training with Neil was very good so thank you very much."


" So I feel brilliant I just passed my trailer test with NO faults. I had a mornings training with Neil  and the reason I did it was because I'm going to be towing horses so I really feel  I've got some good skills now and I'm able to tow now and not feel completely weird on the road... I thought the training was really good, precise had alot of different things going on that I was worried about and I felt I had alot of time to drill them and get through them, so It was really good and really really nicely structured. Thank you."


" I just pass my test today after having about 20 years of original driving licence exam. I can tell you its quite tough and I couldn't have done it without Neil. I had my full 8 hours lesson....he taught me alot about how to manoeuvre the trailer, how to couple how to uncouple and to give me confidence to come here today and go through the full test knowing I have learnt from a professional. Well done Neil thank you and i couldn't have done without you. Thank you."


" Passed today Zero faults.Really good training from Neil...I was very very nervous..with bits of advice put me at ease. Did the test and felt at ease ..and I passed. Grateful for everything that he's done. Thank you"


"Very happy passed my test. I did pass first time. I needed to be able to pull a caravan and for pulling stuff for work. The training was very good and he went through it all and taught exactly what I needed to know."


"Feel good. Passed first time today. Enjoyed the course especially as I had no experience of using trailers at all, so thank you very much."


"I've just passed my B+E test first time with Neil Emmerson and Links Driving School. Really happy and now allows me to drive my caterham to track days and things like that. The training was excellent  really felt I could pass the test, gave me confidence especially manoeuvring and the driving on the road was actually quite intense, so thanks to Neil and Links Driving School."


"Just passed my BE practical and I feel amazing because I need this to tow my caravan and it will open up endless possibilities for me. The training is vital, myself I have never towed anything so to get the time in with Neil is priceless and to just have the experience to then go and apply it in the real world."


"Passed first time. Very happy. Now I can use my trailers legally and couldn't have done it without the training. Very intense but it got me through. Thank you very much."


"I cannot believe I have passed first time. It was quite a shock when I got told. Yes just speechless really. So many opportunities for me now, get to work, socialise alot easier . Neil my instructor has been incredible, very patient and I have had so many lessons where I felt I couldn't do anything, but he reassured me that I could do it and this just proves it that I did it. Thank you. "


" Feel really good, passed my B+E driving test first time.... I needed this as my job involves alot of towing and now I can do every aspect of my job. I'm absolutely chuffed. Training was brilliant and I cannot fault you. In my head I knew what was what, but you explained it in such a way that I understood it and could put those thoughts into action. Thank you very much. "


"i'm really happy that I passed first time. I'm now free to get away from my dad. Neil's been a great instructor and I'm really happy. Thank you."


"Extremely happy, the training has been extremely useful unlike any other driving instructor that I have ever been with... It means the absolute world if I'm honest. It means absolutely everything to me at the moment,  it's all i  wanted so thank you."


"Extremely happy, the training has been extremely useful unlike any other driving instructor that I have ever been with... It means the absolute world if I'm honest. It means absolutely everything to me at the moment,  it's all i  wanted so thank you."


"i'm okay and feel good as I pass test. Thank you very much. I need for my work the daytime . Thank you very much Neil for the helping me. You really are the very best."


"i'm absolutely thrilled to have passed and relieved. It was quite a tough test. I only actually towed a trailer for the first time yesterday. The training's been brilliant , intensive but brilliant and now I can tow my horse that I've been dying to do so thank you."


" I was nervous today, but really pleased i passed. Great instructor and I needed the test because i want to start towing a mini digger. Neil's a great instructor and yeah thank you very much.  "


" I'm so glad to have passed first time. Alot more independence now and can go where I want. Neil was very helpful very good very clear and made sure that it allowed me to pass first time I guess, so thank you."


" I'm so glad to have passed first time. Alot more independence now and can go where I want. Neil was very helpful very good very clear and made sure that it allowed me to pass first time I guess, so thank you."


" I needed to do this training as I've got two little girls who are desperate to go out with their ponies all the time and mummy's not been able to take them. How do I feel about passing? Amazing. Was the training good? It was awesome. The best bit was breaking down the reversing which was my Achilles heal and it was very simple. I will always now be able to reverse a trailer. "


" I don't really know how to put it into words. It's a relief, it's a weight off the shoulders, it's exciting as I've got my whole future ahead of me. Yes i'm just going to look forward to it... I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. He knew what to say to me, he knew exactly how to get my confidence up. He (Neil) made me feel so safe behind the wheel its untrue. I never thought I could drive a car and to have Neil as an instructor it was a privilege."


" I'm actually well pleased. I thought i'd stuffed it. That's actually better than i thought I was going to do (3 driver faults) its actually great and passed first time. I can just get a car and actually do things rather than relying on my mates and my parents. I don't think I could have a better instructor . It was made easier.. definitely couldn't have asked for a better instructor"


"I got my B+E . Never reversed a trailer until this morning, I need it for my caravan and Neil's done a cracking job. Passed first time today so thank you."


" Relieved now. Just gone and passed my B+E test first time. I can tow the horse box at work and then we can just take them to the vets, competition , training and it just frees up another member of staff to do there job as well. The training was brilliant, really comprehensive but also very thorough and no steps were missed at all brilliant."


" So passed first time, definitely needed the training. This is alot more difficult then anyone thinks  so without it I would not be sitting here passing first time. Thank you."


" So I've just had my driving test  and I feel absolutely ecstatic. I passed with zero faults and this allows me to drive to school, meet my mates in town and stuff. Neil was the best instructor I could have asked for."


"Feeling very good passed my trailer test first time.. I need to tow a trailer for work basically. (Neil) was very helpful very very helpful, everything's covered and explained exactly how it should so you get it , its easy to understand what you need to to do and come down and do the test."


" Felling good and passed my test first time. The training was really good and straight forward. I went from having no experience whatsoever of using trailers to passing with Neil's help after a half day of training. I needed this pass to help out at work with the tool hires and diggers and dumpers"


" Really good as just passed my driving test first time. I've now got alot of freedom and independence to go out and about where I want. I am ready to go out and drive by myself as he (Neil) has taught me everything I need to know, all the safety part of it. Really happy. "


" Pleased that I have passed my test first time. Did the training for work and pleasure reasons and its nice to get it under your belt.  I thought this test would be more simple than it was and less complicated. Neil went through everything so that I had a better understanding of what the test would be like especially with the driving out on the road. Thanks. "


"I'm really happy about passing my B+E test as I need the training for work. I thought the training was great and it gave me everything I needed to pas the test. Thank you"


"I'm very happy to pass first time. Means alot to me and cannot wait to tell my grandad who says it's the best qualification anyone can get . The training has been great, you go above and beyond with this company . You learn about safety above all else and I feel that I am well equipped now for driving on the road so thank you"


"I'm really happy that I passed and found the training really helpful having had two driving instructors previously. Neil was definitely the most helpful in getting me to pass second time with him. It means alot for my confidence and knowing that I can do it. I would say my freedom but i dont have a car. "


"Really relieved to have passed. Going to make getting to work easier as winter comes in. Want to say a massive thanks to Neil, best instructor you could hope for. Thank you. "


" I'm very happy. I pass the test first time with Neil. Links with Neil I very grateful. I very very happy with training with Neil. Thank you so much."


" I'm very happy that I passed first time. I needed the driver training so that I can transport cars around the country. I really appreciate it. Thank you."


" (feeling) Brilliant as I passed it. I work with horses and have my own horses so I wanted to be able to travel with them. I would recommend the training as it teaches you the little tips to do the various manoeuvres. I am happy."


"I feel absolutely over the moon. It's brilliant to have this. It's good for my work and I can now use it to tow some trailers .Absolute brilliant testing, brilliant training. Thank you very much Neil, much appreciated thank you so much."


"I so pleased pass. I need for work. Thank you Neil."


" I cant believe I passed first time. This will change my life so much, it will make life a bit easier. Neil is amazing, he was patient with me for so long. i cant believe it. He was their every single emotional drive and he was their supporting me through it. my god thank you."


" I feel okay as i  passed second time. I took the training otherwise i would not for sure pass. the training with you was very very good so thanks alot."


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