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I passed first time today. Neil was a great instructor, very informative and I'm so excited for my freedom and independence.

Ella B

I am so happy to have passed my test. I've been driving with Neil for 6 months maybe and its been the best. I feel so confident and I feel so happy and I've got so much independence and yeah so happy. Thank you.

Rachael C

I'm really happy. I passed first time . Thank you so much Neil. Thank you.

Maddie H

Feel amazing. Cant thank Neil enough. Freed om and Independence, and I passed first time with 2 minor faults. (the weather conditions?) Really bad.

Chris w

Thank you so much to Neil. He made me pass my driving test first time. It means so much, and yeah thank you.

Harry M

I'm really pleased that I passed it and great to have the independence and to have done it. Neil's been really great , really helpful and and really kind. Thank you.

Lillian R

I've just passed my test, two years coming and I'm so excited to finally have my freedom. Thank you so much to Neil you've been such a great leader....(and I passed before my brother).

Eli C

I feel amazing. Feels like something that was unachievable and now I've done it, and I'm really proud of myself, so thank you.

Darcey A

I feel ecstatic, cant believe I've passed and i cant wait to be as free as i can. Thank you very much

Callum C

I feel absolutely amazing that I passed. I have to say a big thank  to Neil for being the best driving instructor ever. He has been very constructive, so helpful and so improvement to me and hopefully safe driving from now on.

Dylan L

 Contact Neil at Links Driving SchooL

                  07827 574 292

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