Very happy I passed today. Thank you very much to Neil, great tuition this morning and getting me through the test second time round.


I very happy to pass the test. Thank you for your help thank you.


Very excited to have passed my exam first time. Thank you very much for Neil fantastic training. 


Really happy I passed. 3 minors. Did the trailer training because I had to for work, and without the training I dont think i could have done it . Definitely recommend it to anyone whose going to do the test. Thanks


Very happy to pass at my first attempt. I needed the towing for work, happy as hell, happy days. Neil was brilliant, top man, alot of help. All the best.


Passed first time. Needed my trailer licence for work. Neil was a great instructor, great help. Brilliant.


I passed thee test first time. The training was simple and to the point and I needed the training for my work purpose. Thank you very much.


I'm really really happy to have passed my test second time with ZERO driver faults, which is a great achievement for me and I know everyone is going to feel very happy. Thank you Neil for being the best instructor as well. I couldn't have done it without you.

Millie - ZERO faults

Great passing second time. Thank you to Neil. Been very patient, very professional , tells you as it is, which is what I want..he's going to tell you your alright..Yeah.


Happy I passed my B+E today with Neil., I needed it for work. (Neil) teaching me all the manoeuvres and keeping calm whilst doing the manoeuvres and keeping a level head basically.


I've just done my B+E licence and passed first time. I needed to do this for work towing cars on the backs of trailers. Neil was very patient with me and i had no idea how to use trailers before the training. Definitely helped me to pass today. Thank you.


Passed first time. I done the trailer test. I've done it for work purposes, I tow a car around the country with a trailer so  get out on the road now. Thank you very much.


Passed me test first time. Couldn't have done it without Neil. I need my trailer obviously to get my machines about  and everything, but I couldn't of done it without you.


Passed my test first time. Needed to do for work. Very happy. (Neil) really helped me with good training and advice. Thank you.


So I passed first time. I needed to pass this test as we have a caravan. I used Neil and absolutely fantastic. Give me some right tips and things you never think you need, but he gave me the right stuff, the right tools on the day to get the jog done. Thank you very much.


Really pleased to have passed my test today first time. Thanks to Neil he was brilliant. Helped me brush up on a few things, now I can just go away and enjoy my caravan.


I passed my test  and i feel amazing. It means I dont have to rely on my parents for lifts anymore. I am so grateful to Neil for giving me these lessons and helping me improve. Thank you.


Thanks for taking care of me and getting me to pass my driving test. I got a caravan I've had for several years and now I'm actually legal to tow it. Thanks very much to Neil  for his driving expertise and getting me to pass. Ok.


You need to know alot when you do that. I got a caravan, but you need to take alot on board. It aint as easy as your gonna think!, but we had a good teacher so we did it. Thanks. I passed first time amazing!


Just passed my test. Brilliant! Big burden off my chest that. I came to Neil he got me through it, no problems at all...Thank you.


I passed my B+E trailer training test first time with ZERO faults. I think I owe it all down to the instructors for building my confidence up. I've done the test so now I can tow my caravan legally and not get caught out. Yeah I'm just really happy.  Thank you.

Ben - ZERO faults

Thanks very much for Neil at Links droiv9ng School. A perfect result today. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Top notch instructions and tuition all the way through it. Recommend it 100%. More people are booked in from us and I couldn't recommend him more than anything.


I passed first time today with Links. I've chosen Links as because I got a car trailer and I was unaware that I wasn't fully legal to tow with it.  Now I'm fully passed first time and with a days training and test I'm passed.


Feels amazing to have passed. Really really glad after all the hard work with Neil who was brilliant, so thank you very much. It means so much to pass after all the lockdowns and stuff. We've put in alot of hours and now I'm really glad I've passed first time.


Its been a long time coming. I feel really relieved after all the cancellations . Passed first time and found my lessons with Neil funny  and a good time, and yeah thank you. It means I can just get about easily and more freedom.


I passed my test first time. Feel amazing. All thanks to Neil it has been a long journey, but we've got here, first time pass.


So, feel really great pleased to have passed my test. I need to take this licence because I need to tow a horse trailer over the limit. I found the training really good, focussed on the areas I needed, yep really easy and successful.


I am chuffed to bits as it means I can do alot more now going out to shows on my own or with my step-daughter. (The training) was good and helped massively. Everything I did with you we did exactly on the test and I passed first time.


I'd like to thank Neil today for helping me pass. This is massive, helps massively for work. He literally helped me all along the way, every step of the way now means I can now go on and  crack on at work. Thank you for that Neil.


I passed first time. I feel amazing. It feels so much to pass as I can drive with freedom and more confidently and the training couldn't haver been better, and yes I'm very happy. Thank you.


I 'm very relieved to have finally passed after lots of lessons and good training. Very happy with my results. 


So I've just passed my test first time. I've being doing it for my motorbike training and it was all thanks to Neil at Links Driving School. Thank you.


I'm really happy as its been over a year and half since I started...Second time round and more nervous this time but I just want to be thankful to Neil. Thank you. It means I can have my freedom now...kinda do want I want...the nerves have gone now.


I 'm so excited to have passed first time. I've been waiting 10 months to take my test. A big thanks to Neil because he was such a great instructor, really patient with me when I struggled at first to get the hang of things.


Passed it first time. Going to get my race trailer on the back now and take my little MG racing with my family, cant wait! Great day and really grateful for Links. Excellent tuition and very very happy.


All good passed my test today. I need it for business reasons, and the training was fantastic got me through all good, so really happy.


Very happy to have passed. Done the training for West Ham Football Club towing their kit around, and very pleased with how I got taught.


I feeling great. Just passed the test. I want to thank Neil for all the remarkable brilliant job with me , all the time the effort and patience. Thank you very much.


Really happy I passed my trailer test. Neil was a very good instructor. I had to get my trailer test for work. Very good that I passed.


Thanks to Neil at Links Driving School. Very comfortable with teaching, took me through everything. I need the trailer licence for drifting and all kind s of things, so helped me out. Thank you very much. Passed first time.

Tommy G

I feel very excited as I have just passed my driving test with ZERO faults.. It gives me my freedom. The training was very thorough and I felt very confident going into it. I knew that I had covered everything and not just how to pass a driving test. So happy!

Gemma - ZERO faults

I passed my test. Really happy. This was not easy. One mistake and you fail! Thank you Neil.


I'm ecstatic. I just passed my test. I needed it to tow a trailer for work and stuff, but go and see neil, he's the man and he'll get you through it. Thank you.


I had to get my B+E towing licence for the business I started up. I reached out to Links Driving School fore tuition and a half day course. They gave a fantastic bit of tuition and I passed first time and really happy. Thank you very much.


Passed my test first time. Great training, very very easily explainable, yeah passed first time so rally pleased. Because of the Covid restrictions abroad.... I've bought a caravan now so I can your around the UK with my family.


So I passed first time so I can eventually be able to tow horses and big caravans. The training has been fab. Its been a really intense 4 hours but I passed.


So I done the training as I got a catering trailer that I need to be able to take out. The test itself I passed first time. I'm absolutely ecstatic and the training with Neil itself was brilliant, absolutely brilliant and I couldn't fault him at all. So no honestly thank you Neil  appreciate that.


Passed my test today. Haven't done any previous training as such. Good morning with Neil and straight away first (time) pass. So thanks to Neil and highly recommended.


The training was very good and neil was very helpful. Definitely helped me getting through this  test. I needed this to progress in my career so thanks to Neil at Links Driving School.


Ecstatic that I've passed. Thanks to Links Driving School and especially Neil. Fantastic instructor. Had to pass as worked required me to have a trailer licence. Thanks again to Neil.


I'm over the moon. I needed my trailer test to put on my recovery truck for my recovery business. Neil's been brilliant, taught me what I need to know and yeah over the moon. Thank you. I passed first time!


So I just passed first time after some brilliant tuition. A half day, learnt everything I needed to I think. Needed the trailer licence to  my race cars around and now its all systems go! So I want to say thanks very much and looking forward to driving trailers. 


I passed, I'm delighted. Had to get this licence for my job and I thought the training was absolutely excellent. Delighted to get through first time. 


I did a a 4 hour Trailer Safety Session as I have no experience using trailers. I have learnt how to reverse the trailer in different scenarios,  unhitching the trailer itself and driving on different road networks. It has taught me alot and improved my confidence greatly. Thank you.


I just passed my driving test first try. I feel really good and yes its going to open up lots of doors and yeah Neil was a great driving instructor and helped me over this long time. It was great yes.


I have now done my 4 hour training for my trailer course required by my company. I came into it not knowing how to drive a trailer, never driven a trailer before. 100% confident to got out on my own so thanks.


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