I've just passed my driving test first time, no faults which is really cool. I know I feel really good about it as I dont have to do it again! Neil's really good by the way and it means I get freedom and i dont have to go in the car with adults anymore and just go on my own when I want to.

Laura B - ZERO faults

I just passed first time. I'm chuffed. Alot thanks to neil he's been an amazing instructor, not only for the test but the future as well. I'm excited to go forward and make my own decisions in th car. I'm excited! 

Sam T

I'm relieved to have finally passed my driving test. I now have my freedom and independence to go to rugby training and 6th form myself. Is all thanks to Neil for his great teaching..so a big thank you to him.

Luke H

I'm so excited that I passed my test. I was really nervous at first, but I'm so glad that I passed now. 

Ella B

I've just passed. I feel really happy, sense of freedom. Want to say thank you to my instructor. He was very firm but very good.

George S

I passed first time and finally have my freedom. Thanks to Neil who has been a great instructor and I wouldn't have been able to do it without him.


Feel good. Neil is a great instructor. Passed with no faults..alot of freedom now. Takes alot of pressure off my parents, get to school easier, go out of school when I want, go and get food when i want, do anything really 

Josh S - ZERO faults

I feel really happy that I passed first time. Neil was my instructor and he was fantastic. It means i can freedom and I dont rely on my mum and dad to drive me around anymore. Thank you.

Beth C

I feel really nervous at the moment, but is amazing and i feel great, and just thank you to the instructor. It means alot. I get my independence now and go to a load of places.


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