Terms and Conditions B+E - Covid 19 Pandemic – 2020

Now that the Government and the DVSA have given the green light for driving instructors/lessons to resume I have put the following protocols in place to minimise the transmission further of this infection. These are not negotiable if you wish to undertake a driving lesson.

1. Prior to the course – Links Driving School

• Contact maybe made with you/company 24 hours prior to your course to establish if you are fit and well and have not suffered from any COVID-19 symptoms within the past 7 days. Please be HONEST!
• You must state if you have been in contact with any person (friends, household etc) who have had or shown signs of symptoms within the last 14 days.

· If you have returned from a holiday to any of the destinations as stated by the Government, which require a 14-day quarantine period on return, YOU MUST NOT undergo training or the test. As courses are planned up to 6 weeks in advance NO REFUND will be given by Links for cancelled courses which fall within this quarantine period.

Links need to be 100% happy with the clients state so remember a course can always be reorganised once you have fully recovered.

2. Prior to the course commencing - Client

• Please wash your hands before leaving the house.
• Make sure the clothing you wear is suitable and reasonable. Short sleeved shirts are acceptable.
• No third parties can sit in the Clients vehicle. This is a one to one course ONLY!
Links will use on the Clients car (passenger side) antibacterial wipes or spray to clean down door handles inside and out, seat and head restraints, seat belt and its connection, wing mirrors and training resources.
Links will have a disposable bag to put all used wipes and tissues in.
• Windows will need to be down as much as possible during the course to allow for ventilation, so wrap up warm as it might be cooler in the vehicle.
• No handshakes during the meet and greet section.
• Social distancing will need to be adhered to outside of the vehicle – 1 metre+

3. Personal Protective Equipment

Links will provide hand sanitiser, and cleaning of our hands will take place before the lesson starts.
• Clients temperatures will be taken prior to the lesson with a digital non-contact forehead thermometer.
• Disposable gloves may be worn and
Links has purchased non latex gloves if required.
• FACE MASKS/COVERINGS – Anyone in the Clients vehicle MUST use a face mask/shield or covering. The advice on the effectiveness of face masks/shields and coverings varies but will be worn, as you will be in a confined space where social distancing cannot take place and the virus transmission risk is therefore potentially extremely high.
will have a supply of face masks to offer you before you enter your vehicle, but please provide your own if you can. Links can provide one at a cost of £1.00 which must be paid before the lesson commences.
• The PPE equipment Links chooses to use will not impede the ability of the instructor to control the vehicle in critical situations or to communicate with the Client.

4. At the end of the Course

• You will be responsible for the disposal at the end of the course of any face masks/gloves. Remember if using a cloth one it needs to be washed at 60 degrees and above to be effective.
• It is recommended that you wash clothing as soon as you have finished the driving
• Any briefing/feedback will be given outside of the car (weather dependant)

5. Additional information

• Any new clients must do an electronic check of their driver’s licence. The link can be found at https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence The details of your driving licence must be forwarded to Links for inspection. On the day of your introductory driving lesson you will produce your licence for inspection by holding it up so it can be checked. Links will not touch or take the licence from you.
• Payment for car and trailer courses must be paid for electronically (other than paying for a face mask) and prior to any course commencing. CASH/CHEQUES will no longer be taken.
• Procedures relating to the conduct of driving tests are explained here

· Vehicles presented for training MUST be totally clean inside the vehicle (free from dirt etc in footwell) with NO loose paperwork or rubbish. Examiners will not take clients out on test if you fail to comply with this condition.

These terms and conditions are in addition to those already in place and are intended to

• prevent the transmission further of the Covid 19 virus and
• to keep you and I safe in an environment which is seen as extremely high risk.

As already highlighted, these are not negotiable, but please accept the new way (for now) a
course will be conducted in the foreseeable future. If you have any questions or are in any
doubt about any of the conditions mentioned above, then please ask your instructor.

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