COVID19 Rules - Taking a B+E test 

Driver Trainers and Clients

  • Please arrive at the test centre no more than 5 minutes before the test time, this should allow you time to wipe down the examiners side of the vehicle, including seat adjusters and head restraint, seat belt and its connection, the dashboard area and passenger door contact points

  • Remember test times may be different to before as DVSA try to maximise social distancing and avoiding too many people gathering at once.

  • Explain to the client how the examiner will behave before arrival at the test centre.

  • Instructors will not be allowed to accompany the test.

  • The meet and greet by the examiner will be conducted in the car park or usual meeting place where tests usually begin where there is no car park

  • Test & Trace. If a driving test candidate or driving examiner develops symptoms in the days after a test, the NHS Test and Trace service will use data DVSA collects from the candidate to contact them.

  • DVSA have updated their privacy notice published on GOV.UK to explain how they manage personal data (See section 4.1 of the following document: Book and manage your driving test: privacy notice).

  • The examiner may choose to fit a disposable seat cover and must be satisfied the car has been recently cleaned. The examiner will use an anti-viral wipe to clean the passenger door and touch points.

  • Candidates must bring and wear a face covering for the duration of the test, the Examiners can provide one to the candidate if needed. This is a mandatory requirement unless the DVSA is informed at the time of test booking a suitable reason for not wearing one such as a physical or mental illness, impairment or disability that means candidates cannot put one on or remove one.

  • Examiners will wear a face covering.

  • Not all test centres will be open straight away and this will vary from site to site. The DVSA need to ensure centres are safe before reopening after being closed for such a long time.

  • Waiting room facilities will not be available for candidates. Candidates will be asked to wait outside so ensure you plan for this with suitable clothing.

  • If the centre has toilet facilities for candidates, they will remain open, but you will need to ensure that hands are washed.

  • Instructors will explain to the client how the examiner will behave before arrival at the test centre.

  • The DVSA will support the ADI attending a debrief, outside of vehicle, subject to social distancing where this is not possible e.g. due to poor weather, the ADI may not be able the join the debrief.

  • If a candidate develops a cough, or becomes unwell during the test, the test will be stopped.

  • If a candidate develops symptoms within the 3 days prior to a test, they can re-book to another date without losing their fee.

  • If a candidate commits a serious or dangerous fault or makes 16 driving faults that would result in a fail, and they will be directed back to the Driving Test Centre. Test conditions continue until they return to the centre, where the test will be ended and a debrief offered.

  • Vehicles to be used by the candidate for test do not need to have a full valet, but items must be tidied away from the dashboard, footwells, door pockets, cupholders and seats. Leaves, grit or dirt brought into the footwell of the vehicle from the outside is deemed acceptable for test purposes.

  • Vehicles MUST have at least one window open on each side of the car to allow for ventilation.

Full information on the conducting of vocational driving tests was updated on 30th November 2020  and can be viewed here at National Associations Strategic Partnership

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