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B+E Towing Introduction

Links Driving School working in partnership with GT Towing  provide B+E Towing tuition prior to taking the actual B+E Towing driving test. Clients must provide their own vehicle and hire out the correct sized B+E Towing trailer from GT Towing. A booklet explaining the B+E Towing test requirements will be provided by GT Towing (at a small cost). Up to 8  hours B+E Towing training is usually required before going in for the B+E Towing test (a few days later) if you have no experience of reversing a trailer at all, but this time period may have to be extended depending on the ability shown on B+E Towing training. For those clients with plenty of experience in using trailers, then the B+E Towing training and test can be completed in the same day, but you need to be honest in how you assess your experience.  It is better to have a longer B+E Towing training period as this will potentially save you money in the long run and hold you in better standing of passing this test first time. The B+E Towing test centre I use is at Enfield LGV or occasionally at Leighton Buzzard.

B+E Towing Rules & Regulations

Under the new driving licence regulations, if you have passed your test on or after 19th January 1997 or on or after 19th January 2013, you will have to undergo a DSA driving test to obtain the B+E category.


The regulations state:  If you want to tow a trailer weighing more than 750kg when the combined actual permissible weight of the towing vehicle (car) and trailer is more than 3500kg an additional test is required. Click on this GOV.UK link for full B+E Towing regulations and information.







**** If you use and pass your B+E towing trailer test in an automatic car, then you can ONLY tow a trailer                                                                        using an automatic car ****

      These are the rules and requirements                 for your  B+E Towing trailer test  

                 click here for on the B+E towing Trailer

B+E TOWING Prices:


 Option 1 - 1/2 day of B+E Towing tuition plus same day test - £350.00* 

 Option 2 - Full day of B+E Towing tuition plus test on different day - £481.25** 


    ** Retest ONLY - £175.00 - covers a 4 hour period


These are my B+E Towing tuition fees ONLY per person. Their is the added cost of hiring the B+E Towing trailer from GT Towing per session (£54 inc VAT ) and the cost of the test itself.

 ** the B+E Towing retest covers 60 minutes supervised driving to the test centre, waiting  time during test and return to GT Towing. Any additional tuition requirements  will incur extra costs.


The cost of  booking the  DSA B+E Towing with a trailer test is £115.00 plus £10 admin fee. (weekdays only)

Total costs including trailer hire, test booking fee and tuition fees:

*   Option 1 - £529.00

** Option 2 - £690.25

Short term Trailer hire insurance - click on link


                                                                    ** Please note **

                      if you cancel B+E Towing trailer course then Terms and Conditions apply

Here is a link showing the uncoupling and recoupling routine incorporating the trailer check for the B+E Towing test

Here is a link showing the required reversing manoeuvre for the B+E Towing test.

 Show and Tell me questions for     the B+E Towing test      

 Click here for official GOV.UK link

B+E Towing first pass

Congratulations to Lucas Thurgood who was the first person to pass the B+E towing test on 15th October 2013

Links Driving School can also offer a 4 hour or a day's car and caravan/trailer familiarisation course for clients with caravans and horse boxes who do not need to take the DSA B+E Towing with a trailer driving test. This will cater for your own individual needs and requirements, concentrating on your own particular difficulties that you may have when pulling trailers, horseboxes or caravans. You must provide your own vehicle and trailer or you can hire a trailer out from GT Towing.

 Trailer Familiarisation Courses

4 hour course one client - £175.00

4 hour shared course with two clients - £300.00

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"Having never actually met or spoke to you, I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all your YouTube videos of the Trailer Test B&E. I never had any lessons, and managed to pass this test from watching your videos online and having a few practice sessions within 9 days! Super clear and helpful advice and covered exactly what happened in the test! Thanks again!"
Rebecca Markillie
B+E Towing Sika Ltd Students



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