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Pass Plus

Pass Plus is an established training course aimed at new drivers and was designed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) with the help of insurers and the driving instruction industry. Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have a collision in the first two years after passing their test, due to lack of driving experience. Pass Plus is not a driving test but a minimum 6 hour course that will build on your current skills and knowledge. It will teach you how to anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards, and help you become a more confident driver.

A Pass Plus course can be taken at any time, but it’s ideally taken in the first year after passing your driving test.

Pass Plus syllabus consists of six modules about driving in different conditions:

1. Town Driving

The first module has two parts. It begins with an introduction to Pass Plus, explaining the course aims and the skills and knowledge to be covered.
The second part is a practical session covering the different features of driving in a town, such as complex junctions and public transport.
You’ll focus on:
- Observation, judgement and awareness
- Consideration for vulnerable road users
- Spatial awareness and clearance to others
- Typical features of urban roads.


2. All weather driving

This module will be covered as much as possible in a practical session. You’ll focus on correct speed, safe stopping distances, plus seeing and being seen in:
- Vision – see and be seen
- Skidding and avoidance inc.
                Causes of skids
                How to prevent skids
                Correcting slow-speed skids

                Braking on poor surfaces
- Speed
- Stopping distances

3. Out of town driving and rural roads

This module looks at the main differences between town and country driving:
- Rural hazards (bends/hills)
- Overtaking and progressing
- Observation skills (middle and far distances)

It focuses especially on being aware and showing consideration for:
- pedestrians, horse riders and animals in the road
- farm entrances
- slow moving vehicles

It also covers the correct use of a horn, coping with mud and debris on the road and how to use passing places.

4. Night driving

This covers the important parts of driving at night, dawn and dusk. You’ll learn about:
- Vehicle lighting and use
- Speed and stopping distances
- Visibility – seeing and reacting safely
- Parking


5. Dual carriageways

Dual carriageways are high speed multi-lane roads where the two carriageways are separated by a central reservation. This module will cover:
- Joining, turning, leaving
- Forward planning and observation
- Overtaking

6. Motorways

Motorways are high speed multi-lane roads where the carriageways are separated by a central reservation. This module will cover:
- Joining and leaving inc.
                 Slip roads/acceleration lanes
                 Assessing traffic/emerging/entering safely
- Forward planning and observation inc.
                 Reaction to other users
                 Lane discipline
                 Separation distances
- Overtaking inc.
                 Safe and necessary
                 Crawler lanes and slow moving traffic
                 High sided vehicles/wind/turbulence effect
- Breakdowns and safety procedures inc.
                 Fatigue/use of service areas
                 Use of hard shoulder and dangers
                 Emergency telephones/marker post

Certificate of Completion

On receipt of a valid Training Report Form the Pass Plus Unit issues each successful pupil with a numbered and non-transferable Certificate of Completion

Source: DVSA Instructors Guide – Beyond the Driving Test


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